Dont do this to me. Its a bowelful, countered the retired intelligence officer. Where do I start Pentagon procurements The Federal Trade Commission Our ambassador in London, or would you like the supreme commander of NATO Then let us start again, said the Belgian in heavily accented English. My name is Maurice, its as good a name as any. My young friend here is Ralph, at least he says it is. Whats yours, my wounded hero On paper, Mo, said Conklin. Not with Dimitri Krupkin. I know him. Charlie doesnt. Sure, they can, Mr. Delta, said the generals wife, leaning forward, her large breasts pressing the sheer fabric of her blouse, her long hair partially obscuring her aging but still sensual soft-featured face. Try an uneducated grammar school dropout from the coal basins in West Virginia when the companies shut down the mines and nobody had no food-excuse me, any food. You take what you got and you run with it and thats what I did. I got laid from Aliquippa to Hawaii, but I got there and I learned a trade. Thats where I met the Big Boy and I married him, but I didnt have no illusions from day one. Specially when he got back from Nam, yknow what I mean Which was Those priests, do you know them Dont press the point, Alex. She claimed at least twice the amount. You certainly did, interrupted the clerk. I know. We dont know, but Alex will start looking. Theres no one better than Alex, you said that yourself-
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